Give your students a lesson they asked for: on money and internet safety

Lesson plan for 8 – 11 year olds: Be smart with your smartphone. Say goodbye to phone bill shocks and credit calamities. We all know how it goes: you’re about to start the PSHE  lesson (Personal, Social, Health and Economic education) and slowly your students start to disengage. They expect a boring topic, so they start going about their business. But not this time. With this lesson plan we prepared for you, we promise you’ll get their full attention. Why? Firstly because it’s about their most prized possession: their smartphone 😛 […]

Gaming on smartphones and tablets – Childnet’s advice for parents and carers

Childnet have shared their advice with us on gaming on smartphones and tablets and how as a parent you can protect your children. Childnet is a UK charity that delivers education, policy and youth participation activities to help make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people. Ofcom’s findings show that young people are now more likely than ever to own a smartphone (41% of 5-15 year olds) while the popularity of tablets continues to grow. Games such as Pokémon Go and Minecraft – pocket addition are […]

Parentzone: giving kids their first smartphone?

For most parents it’s no longer a question of whether to give your child a smartphone, simply a matter of when. Turning that first smartphone purchase into a significant milestone is a great opportunity to review any tech rules you have in your family and even have a chat about whether you’re all happy with your phone life balance. What’s important is that before you hand over the device to your child, you feel confident that they understand the boundaries and you’re happy that they know the risks.  All parents have […]

Tired of unexpected charges on your child’s smartphone bill? Be a #SwitchedOnParent and avoid them

Are you one of those parents that assume that your child is more digital savvy than you are and therefore they’re safe on the internet? They could be but that’s not always the case. Some parents and children don’t realise that a smartphone is like a wallet. Even if you don’t save credit card details on a smartphone, you can still incur charges for phone-paid services. When playing in a frenzy your child might not realise that the extra lives or coins they buy can cost real money. Or that clicking […]

Learning can be fun: 10 Android educational apps for primary school children

You often hear that being online is a waste of time and that kids these days miss out by being on their smartphones all the time.  But smartphones can be more than just devices for passive entertainment and children do use them for educational and creative activities, often adding to what they learn in school. Google’s Playstore has hundreds of apps for children and you might feel overwhelmed when having to choose any. That’s why we selected for you some of the most popular primary school educational apps for Android devices. […]