Tired of unexpected charges on your child’s smartphone bill? Be a #SwitchedOnParent and avoid them

Are you one of those parents that assume that your child is more digital savvy than you are and therefore they’re safe on the internet? They could be but that’s not always the case.

Some parents and children don’t realise that a smartphone is like a wallet. Even if you don’t save credit card details on a smartphone, you can still incur charges for phone-paid services.

When playing in a frenzy your child might not realise that the extra lives or coins they buy can cost real money. Or that clicking on a pop-up ad might enter them into a weekly subscription service.

Avoid the headache of unexpected charges on their smartphone with 3 simple steps:

1.    Speak to your child about phone-paid services and how digital content can be charged to a phone bill (e.g. in-app purchases, games, downloads). If you don’t know this yourself, have a look here.
2.    Explain them that tapping on ads or entering their phone number for prizes or competitions can incur charges. You have more examples here.
3.    Remember that free apps of any kind can offer in-app purchases (upgrades, extra features) that may be charged to your phone bill.

If you want to avoid phone-paid services altogether on your child’s smartphone or tablet you can ask your phone network to block premium rate services on that number.

We’re supporting Get Safe Online’s campaign for parents on how to keep their child safe online.

Phonebrain is an educational tool created by the Phone-paid Services Authority, the UK regulator for phone-paid services.

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